Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Popcorn Wednesday!

Hello dearies..
So today, sharp at 3.00pm, Mr.Hilmi a.k.a my sayang has been waiting for me in front of my office lobby to go and watch the movie Narnia. We went to IOI Mall as Mr.Hilmi doesn't want to watch it in Alamanda so saya ikut saje kate driver.hehe
The Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage of the Dawn Treader wasn't bad but it surely wasn't as great as the trailer either. the only great thing i like about it was Prince Caspian a.k.a Ben Barnes,super hawt! how i wish i could be the princess of Narnia.haha.
So after the movie, we did some some window shopping around the mall, i heart a dress at MNG, but I'm too broke to get it now and also did some grocery shopping as my food stock at home is almost finished. Got some fruits and veges and some other essentials,we headed straight home coz Mr.Hilmi started to get headache.
and currently i'm sitting in front of my lappy writing this post,sipping hot tea and at the same time watching Malaysia beats Vietnam's ass. Malaysia boleh!


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