Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Interview

Hello sweethearts..
Today i would really love to recapped on my interview yesterday. even though they used psychology method to make me change my mind but the interview was among the best and most enjoyable off all other interview I've been to. both the panel  (a man and a lady) were very sporting and was not strict but in the same time firm in a fun way. They started by asking me to introduce myself and family/education backgrounds in English. whoever thought an introduction about myself would caught their attention. Both of them liked me and said i had such bubbly strong personality not to forget confidences (those were the guy panel's word) and they say i wont fit with the post of the interview. But keeping firm with my answers and decisions,they were surprised on how strong will i am. No matter what they to change my mind,my answers were all 'yes,i want this job'. the reasons that I've given yesterday was i want to gain experience and start from the bottom,i want to be independent and no matter what post I'm in,I'm able to work with people of different levels well. then they ask what current issues I've taken note on,so I've said not much but i know about NKRA. both of them were shocked when i brought up NKRA coz they said all the previous interviewer when ask about current issues talk about the bus accident in Simpang Pulai,cliche. hehe. since i brought it up so they started asking me about it,what does it stands for? how many keys are there in NKRA and what is all of the keys. off course i aced it. I've been memorizing it for the last 2 weeks. Both of the panel were like 'from your answers we know you've done your homework and we like you from the beginning so what is your kata2 terakhir for us to choose u for this post? my answers was no matter how small the post is that they think doesn't suit me,I've to start somewhere right? and what better to start as an assistant administration a.ka. clerk? thank you,have a nice day!

p/s: throughout the interview the sempoi lady panel kept calling me sayang and before i left the room,she added 'such a lovely young lady'. how sweet!
pp/s:bukan nak perasan tapi memang sangat2 perasan pun..hehe!


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