Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Blues!

Morning dearies..
It already Monday,and as usual I'm at work but I'm more relaxed today as one of my bosses has started his long end year vacation while the other two are out meetings and so. At least i have this free time to study for my interview,prepare for it as i really hope to get the job. my contract here in MAMPU will end somewhere in February,so I'm hoping for the 'rezeki' to work for the government as a permanent staff. after that,no more job hunting until i graduate from uitm. other stuff that's on my mind in registering subjects for my 3rd semester,should i keep it at 5 subjects this semester or adding 6 subjects? if i do register for 6,will i excel in completing the semester without downgrading my grades? owh,too much is on my mind,it is stressing me out. anyways,i have until this Wednesday to make up mind and register for class. hope my 3rd semester will be better than my 2nd semester.


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