Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm thankful..

Afternoon dears!
I'm so thankful for everything that I've ever get in my life until this very day. I'm thankful for all the love i get from all of the people who support me through out this year,family,boyfriend,friends and everyone else that falls in between. i appreciate everything and I'm thankful.

i came to work late today because i went to the clinic to check on my skin. i don't why now a day,pimples and acne started to come out a lot, seriously it started to stress me out. and so embarrassed by it. so the doctor gave me medicated facial cleanser, a gel to put on the acne and antibiotics to be eaten once a day. its a month stock so will see if there's any result after a month which will be around 9/1/2011. i hope it does helps to clear my acne because not only am i embarrassed but the acne really hurts. and to tell you the truth,i usually cry at night,because i don't get the chance to sleep peacefully*sedih tau*.

Anyways,I've just finished sponsored lunch. I'm thankful for that too. As they say 'rezeki jgn ditolak,musuh jgn dicari'. but then there goes my diet,flushed down the drain. what I've eaten today:

-nasi lemak with fried egg
-2 curry puff
(both sponsored by my sayang)

Mid-morning snacks
- curry puff
-2 kuih cara

-ayam masak lada
-sambal sotong
-2 shrimp

and guess what? it's not the end of the day yet,so i might still be eating something else later on. macam mane nak kurus ni?




  1. xkan samapi xblh tdo kot kak,,=) pity with u..hope ur face next month will be ok..