Sunday, December 5, 2010

I wish

Urgh! I'm fat again. I don't know why i tend to eat a lot lately. Everyday i will eat rice or else i get constant headache. Why cant i go back to the days when i was fasting and only have cereal drinks. I want to lose weight at least until i get my targeted weight 47kg. so what should i do in order to be slim and slender again??  Simple,eat less,no more nasi and exercise more. I'll give myself a week trial to not eat nasi and hoping I'll survive. wish me luck,peeps!

Foods to consume so i don't starve:
- cereal drinks
- green apples
- dark crunchy grapes
- green veges
- cherry tomatoes
- oranges
- soups
- tofu
- oats
- salmon (if i could afford some,hehe)
- yogurt

Drinks :
- plain water and green tea only ( with a squeeze of lemon)

- almond dark chocolate

I'll be giving the reviews after a weeks,but for now,my current weight is a secret!



  1. dunt give up k.ana..i support u..=)go baby go..hehehe

  2. dah gemuks la ja. nafsu mkn makin kuat skrng nie,susah nk control. ingat nk start puasa blk la..huhu