Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Rude

Morning dearies..
It's a lovely morning,i don't want to ruin my mood but yesterday i was damn annoyed but some groups of Indians at Starbucks. in my last post,I've told u guys that i was posting it from Starbucks since there no power at home. i plugged my laptop to a power supply at a corner and started surfing. after a while,came a few Indians sitting behind my table also surfing the internet. i didn't that they wanted to plugged in the laptop to the power supply and by the way,all they could do was ask. suddenly,my laptop becomes blank! one of the Indian,unplugged my laptop adapter from the power supply. sakitnye hati! normally,I'm not the one who's racist but yesterday all of the racist stuff came out but not out loud la. malas nak gaduh dgn org yang belum pasti faham bahasa. so I've pack my laptop,put it in my adorable orange bag,and left with angry feeling.

so currently I'm sitting at my desk deciding to do my boss's travel claim since it December,and there gonna close the account soon but i cant seem to find the mood to do it. I'll give myself a few hours or so. right now,I'm gonna blog-hopping.


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