Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello my Hometown!

Hi lovelies..
Finally i have the time to update my blog.haha. so what has been going on in my life from yesterday until today. yesterday,i went to work in the morning then during our lunch break,my friend and i went to Alamanda,window shopping aje,hehe. after that we didn't even bother to go back to work,had lunch and went straight home. and then today i was supposed to go to my friends house and lepak2,while i made spaghetti,but to bad,no lepak2,my mom called and ask me to come to a relative's wedding somewhere in Rawang. sorry girls to disappoint all of you,i cook you guys spaghetti next time ok. after that,my family went to see my grandma,poor my beloved grams,she having back pain sampai susah nak jalan. stayed at grandma's for a while,makan2 n minum2 until late afternoon. and now I'm home again,watching Malaysia vs. Vietnam,hope they won again or at least get a tie to proceed to the next round.

p/s: Missing my Hilmi!
p/s2: I'm getting fatter but can't control what i stuffed in my mouth!


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