Friday, December 24, 2010

Healthy Tips eh..

Morning dearies..
I know I've haven't update in a while but I've been busy with work,choosing and registering for class and studying for my interview,so a lot is on my shoulder this few days. Sometimes i find it funny when people thought i would talk about them when i seriously don't care. never want o be the busybody type pun.hehe. Anyways,let's put that at that coz i don't want to spoil my mood this very morning. But i don't have a topic to write about so i think I'll post about the lovely Miss Taylor Swift on 5 things she does to stay fit and healthy. Some tips i can follow myself.hehe.

She's got a crazy-successful career, a cute new boyfriend and a big career ahead of her (she just turned 21!), but Taylor Swift knows that the key to all of it is keeping her body healthy and fit. She recently shared her secrets...

1. Be consistent about exercise: No matter how busy she is, she squeezes in a one-hour run ... everyday. “Health is a big part of being happy,” she says.
2. End the self-judgment. Swift tries to always nix the inner negative voice, but keeps it real. “I keep an internal gauge of whether it’s been a healthy week or not,” says Swift.
3. Hydrate up! “I drink so much water my friends call me an alien,” says Swift, who always keeps a bottle of H2O nearby.
4. Listen to your gut. Stress and anxiety? Swift deals with it too, but knows it's not all bad--in fact, it can be there to tell you something. “It can also lead to something that takes you out of that feeling and into something creative," she says.
5. Keep a journal. “From a young age, any time I would feel pain I would think, ‘It’s OK, I can write about this after school,’” she says. “And still, anytime something hurts, like rejection or sadness or loneliness, or I feel joy or I fall in love, I ask myself, ‘Can I write a song about this so I know how I feel?’”

Good advice, huh?
p/s:I've already followed 3 out of the 5,so mane tau nanti i can be Ana Swift plak..haha


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