Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Electric Shocked!

Evening sweethearts..

Currently I'm surfing from Starbucks Alamanda because there's no electricity at home. i don't know what's up with the electricity or was it my homies forgot to pay the bill,entahlah. but even if the TNB were shutting our source of electricity,they would've gave us some warning..phish! so I'm stuck here drinking caramel frappe while waiting for Mr. Hilmi to finished work. Why i want to stay here waiting for Mr. Hilmi until 10pm,first of all,i don't to be home alone in the dark,my two homies wont be home until later tonight since one got class,the other one maybe out shopping,I'm not so sure. Secondly,I'll be bored to death,since there isn't any source of power,i wont get to surf and write this post for your reading and i cant even call or text anyone,my cellphone battery died,and i cant charge it. Life suck!

so tomorrow I'm gonna register subject for my 3rd semester,and I've made up mind,I'm sticking with only 5 subjects. Reason is because if next year there's a 'rezeki' for me to work permanently,I'd be damn busy and therefore i don't want to let my study down on the chopping block. i want to keep my score always and forever over 3.5,no excuses. Furthermore,I've promise my younger brother to keep his 3.6 until the 4th semester,he'll get some prize. so xkan la kakak die nak dapat score kurang plak kan..hish.

p/s: I've got three younger brothers,so which one? yang tengah la. the first haven't had his exam yet,the 3rd,you're out already but good try bro.


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