Monday, December 27, 2010

Daddy-o is home

Morning dearies..
my dad is home,I'm not kidding but for only 3 days..sad. He just came back to accompany one of the staff in Islamabad who's husband died there and the family wants the deceased to be buried here in Malaysia. So my father arrive home on Saturday and he's going back on Wednesday. the day of my interview,lagi sedih,i wont get to send him off to the airport. But i thinks its OK coz i only hope my father's journey back there is safe and he's staying over there because of work is safe too. Nothing else i hope for. I love my daddy! So yesterday, i was at home,my whole family watched Malaysia beats Indonesia,except my sister who's lost in here 'K.POP Land'. It was fun coz my mom and dad were among the loudest. Abah lompat out of the sofa every time Malaysia scored a goal. Lawak. 

So that was yesterday,now i'm at work and i have to read,read,read everything there is to know about my interview. I thought i would have free me time in the office as all my 3 bosses is on holiday but suddenly one of them showed up. But it's still ok for me to study though coz my bosses let me to whatever i want as long my work with them is doned. so everything they ask me to do sudah saya buat,i'm a free lady for the day!


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