Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cekodok Udang

Erm,where to start eh? Been busy from this morning,so many things to do. Firstly, I woke up really late this morning,i shut my alarm early and continue on snoozing without realizing that the sun is smiling brightly outside. Haha,so 'kelam kabut' call my sayang and as him to send me to work since my friends already left and i went straight to shower. But in that 'kelam kabut' pun, I still had the time to fry my prawn dumpling as it take approximately 30 minutes for my boyfriend to arrive at my house. Am very happy coz everyone said 'sedap tapi masin skit'hehe..(sorry ek,Mr.Amy,i didnt make u any,insyallah next time:)). 
I'm looking forward for my interview so I need to start preparing for it from now,covering topics that the interviewer might ask: 
  • 1Malaysia 
  • NKRA 
  • Budget 2011
  •  Names of Cabinet + Ministers
  •  Tugas-tugas PT(P/O)
  •  current issues -national/international 
That is a lot of topic to study for,but i will always give my best. (Got interrupted by my boss just now,actually bosses coz 2 orang) So anyway,will be preparing bit by bit 'sampai hafal' haha.
Currently loving the song 'Just the Way you Are' by Bruno Mars dedicated by my sayang noted 'I love you,u'r amazing,just the way u r!
sweet*wink wink!*



  1. can u make cekodok every day and give it to me..???so english so bad la kak..hope u can help me...=)

  2. ;) no hal punye... And don't B late again my dear hahaha....

  3. siti: of course i can make u cekodok but u get me all the ingredients eh.. hehe

    b: it was ur fault,didnt wake me up!