Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

Morning all, just finished having my breakfast for today which is a cup of maggi curry and 3-in-1 white coffee. Everyone yang saw me eating just now tegur 'pagi-pagi lagi dah makan megi?' and i answered with a sengih 'teringin la puan' then my collegue tegur 'ai, lain macam je bunyi nye'. With me, it's never 'lain macam' because i'm am 'lain macam' in my own ways,that's what makes me me! So after this i'll be busy with my bosses claim as it is the end of the month. Did i just said 'bosses'? Yes, you heard me right as I am a personal assistant to 3 bosses. So usually every end of the month,i'll be busy drowning myself with mileage,tolls,hotels and parking claims.

But I will try and make sure my work is finished before 3.00pm coz petang nanti, I have a date with my beloved boyfriend.


Monday, November 29, 2010

The Very Beginning

As this is my first entry for my blog,i will just make sure it's a simple entry. I currently don't have a topic to talk about but would just like to introduced myself as a new blogger and do hope many of u would enjoy reading my blog in the future as i would try my best to write fun, enjoyable entries. 
A bit about myself,I'm known as Ana to my dearest love ones a.k.a beloved families and friends. A fun loving girl who loves her Mr. Amy(very very much), fashions, romantic novels and all of her furry friends.
I absolutely an angels with my loved ones but extremely a devil to the enemies of either my own or my loved ones. I enjoy movie dates and also Bali massages to release out my day-to-day stress.

I'm currently working as a contract personal assistant for the government and yet I'm still a student of UiTM. Yes I know,life as both student and a working staff is really much exhausting but I'm trying to enjoy life to the fullest as possible. This is where my beloved boyfriend comes in handy as he's the apple of my eye and have always made my life fun and romantic the way I've always dream it should be.

Thank you my sayang for your patience and kindness in dealing with me.