Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Interview

Hello sweethearts..
Today i would really love to recapped on my interview yesterday. even though they used psychology method to make me change my mind but the interview was among the best and most enjoyable off all other interview I've been to. both the panel  (a man and a lady) were very sporting and was not strict but in the same time firm in a fun way. They started by asking me to introduce myself and family/education backgrounds in English. whoever thought an introduction about myself would caught their attention. Both of them liked me and said i had such bubbly strong personality not to forget confidences (those were the guy panel's word) and they say i wont fit with the post of the interview. But keeping firm with my answers and decisions,they were surprised on how strong will i am. No matter what they to change my mind,my answers were all 'yes,i want this job'. the reasons that I've given yesterday was i want to gain experience and start from the bottom,i want to be independent and no matter what post I'm in,I'm able to work with people of different levels well. then they ask what current issues I've taken note on,so I've said not much but i know about NKRA. both of them were shocked when i brought up NKRA coz they said all the previous interviewer when ask about current issues talk about the bus accident in Simpang Pulai,cliche. hehe. since i brought it up so they started asking me about it,what does it stands for? how many keys are there in NKRA and what is all of the keys. off course i aced it. I've been memorizing it for the last 2 weeks. Both of the panel were like 'from your answers we know you've done your homework and we like you from the beginning so what is your kata2 terakhir for us to choose u for this post? my answers was no matter how small the post is that they think doesn't suit me,I've to start somewhere right? and what better to start as an assistant administration a.ka. clerk? thank you,have a nice day!

p/s: throughout the interview the sempoi lady panel kept calling me sayang and before i left the room,she added 'such a lovely young lady'. how sweet!
pp/s:bukan nak perasan tapi memang sangat2 perasan pun..hehe!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Positive Vibes

Hello sunshines!
So 2010 is almost to its end and so many people in the office is on break or holiday with their love ones(i work for the money not becoz i don't have love ones),the positive vibes in the office is kind of decreasing. what should we do to keep the positive energy at work at its peak at all times? so here are some pointers I've pick from an article I've read somewhere.

Become indispensable. When downsizing poses a threat to your department, passivity can be killer while action is critical. Take this as your opportunity to shine, suggests Adele Sheele, career coach and author of Skills for Success. “In bad times, instead of wallowing, start contributing and see what’s needed,” says Sheele. Organizing task forces, taking on responsibility, and volunteering to head projects shows enthusiasm to your boss (not to mention inspires coworkers to match your gung-ho attitude). A tip from Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines: Become more valuable by expanding your skill set to include things that aren’t necessarily part of your job description. Learn new computer programs, or find out what tasks your superiors are responsible for that are unfamiliar to you.

Boost morale. “In the office, negative talk can lead to a downward spiral, which becomes contagious to others around you,” explains Julie Jansen, a career counselor and author of I Don’t Know What I Want, but I Know It’s Not This. Lifting the cloud over your cube can be as simple as saying, “Hey guys, what can we talk about that’s upbeat?” Something that seems little — telling a story or a joke, or asking about other people — can go a long way and change the feeling in the office for the rest of the day.

Come together. “In down times, companies tend to put their employees’ noses to the grindstone even more,” says Jansen. “Encourage social activities like pizza parties or happy hours,” she suggests, as a way to combat pressure and encourage fun. But, don’t think that just because there’s an economic crisis you should stop reaching out once it’s over. “One of the things we saw in 9/11 was strangers coming together to help each other. We don’t need disasters to be better people. You should always be trying to do your best,” Sheele warns.

Do damage control before you need to. Truly worried about the economy having a negative effect on your career? “Now’s not the time to panic or hide from potential insecurities,” advises Jansen. “You should always be networking and have an updated resume.” In the meantime, think about what you can do to help your boss keep her job. If her position is stable, she’ll be more likely to make sure yours is, too.

The good news. The unemployment rate is still relatively low at 6.1 percent. So while the economy may cause you anxiety, your job is probably safe. Nevertheless, getting your ducks in line, being proactive, and having a plan should make you feel more in control of your professional life and give you some relief. You might even crack a smile. 

So girlfriends,pointers taken..let's start off this new year with a blast of positive vibes at work.

p/s: I'm kind of sad though that a friend of mine is quitting the same job I'm in but for a better payment. I'm happy for her that she found a better job,only I'll miss talking to her every now and then,but it's for her own future,i only wish her the best and hope our friendship last forever no matter how far we're at.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Daddy-o is home

Morning dearies..
my dad is home,I'm not kidding but for only 3 days..sad. He just came back to accompany one of the staff in Islamabad who's husband died there and the family wants the deceased to be buried here in Malaysia. So my father arrive home on Saturday and he's going back on Wednesday. the day of my interview,lagi sedih,i wont get to send him off to the airport. But i thinks its OK coz i only hope my father's journey back there is safe and he's staying over there because of work is safe too. Nothing else i hope for. I love my daddy! So yesterday, i was at home,my whole family watched Malaysia beats Indonesia,except my sister who's lost in here 'K.POP Land'. It was fun coz my mom and dad were among the loudest. Abah lompat out of the sofa every time Malaysia scored a goal. Lawak. 

So that was yesterday,now i'm at work and i have to read,read,read everything there is to know about my interview. I thought i would have free me time in the office as all my 3 bosses is on holiday but suddenly one of them showed up. But it's still ok for me to study though coz my bosses let me to whatever i want as long my work with them is doned. so everything they ask me to do sudah saya buat,i'm a free lady for the day!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Healthy Tips eh..

Morning dearies..
I know I've haven't update in a while but I've been busy with work,choosing and registering for class and studying for my interview,so a lot is on my shoulder this few days. Sometimes i find it funny when people thought i would talk about them when i seriously don't care. never want o be the busybody type pun.hehe. Anyways,let's put that at that coz i don't want to spoil my mood this very morning. But i don't have a topic to write about so i think I'll post about the lovely Miss Taylor Swift on 5 things she does to stay fit and healthy. Some tips i can follow myself.hehe.

She's got a crazy-successful career, a cute new boyfriend and a big career ahead of her (she just turned 21!), but Taylor Swift knows that the key to all of it is keeping her body healthy and fit. She recently shared her secrets...

1. Be consistent about exercise: No matter how busy she is, she squeezes in a one-hour run ... everyday. “Health is a big part of being happy,” she says.
2. End the self-judgment. Swift tries to always nix the inner negative voice, but keeps it real. “I keep an internal gauge of whether it’s been a healthy week or not,” says Swift.
3. Hydrate up! “I drink so much water my friends call me an alien,” says Swift, who always keeps a bottle of H2O nearby.
4. Listen to your gut. Stress and anxiety? Swift deals with it too, but knows it's not all bad--in fact, it can be there to tell you something. “It can also lead to something that takes you out of that feeling and into something creative," she says.
5. Keep a journal. “From a young age, any time I would feel pain I would think, ‘It’s OK, I can write about this after school,’” she says. “And still, anytime something hurts, like rejection or sadness or loneliness, or I feel joy or I fall in love, I ask myself, ‘Can I write a song about this so I know how I feel?’”

Good advice, huh?
p/s:I've already followed 3 out of the 5,so mane tau nanti i can be Ana Swift plak..haha


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How Rude

Morning dearies..
It's a lovely morning,i don't want to ruin my mood but yesterday i was damn annoyed but some groups of Indians at Starbucks. in my last post,I've told u guys that i was posting it from Starbucks since there no power at home. i plugged my laptop to a power supply at a corner and started surfing. after a while,came a few Indians sitting behind my table also surfing the internet. i didn't that they wanted to plugged in the laptop to the power supply and by the way,all they could do was ask. suddenly,my laptop becomes blank! one of the Indian,unplugged my laptop adapter from the power supply. sakitnye hati! normally,I'm not the one who's racist but yesterday all of the racist stuff came out but not out loud la. malas nak gaduh dgn org yang belum pasti faham bahasa. so I've pack my laptop,put it in my adorable orange bag,and left with angry feeling.

so currently I'm sitting at my desk deciding to do my boss's travel claim since it December,and there gonna close the account soon but i cant seem to find the mood to do it. I'll give myself a few hours or so. right now,I'm gonna blog-hopping.